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Why join CCI?

Condominium Board / Owner benefits include:

  • Remain up to date on condo news with bulletins and articles delivered right to your inbox via email blasts or our quarterly newsletter Plus CCI-National’s newsletter.
  • Member Discounts to events and educational seminars such as the Annual General Meeting and condo director courses.
  • Access to professionals and businesses that specialize in the condominium industry.  Profit from their experience.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow condominium corporations and Board directors at courses, seminars and President Club events.
  • Educational information and courses available to new Board members to help with the learning curve of running a condominium corporation.
  • Supporting condominium advocacy through membership and volunteerism.


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Professionals / Business Partner benefits include:

  • Expand your business profile among the "who's who" of the condominim industry.
  • Create your own competitive advantage  ...  maximize your economic potential as a professional service or trades supplier.
  • Stay current on condominium trends and concepts to help tailor your product to suit the changing customer’s need.
  • Direct access to property managers and condominium board members through trade shows and seminars.
  • Instant exposure to condominiums via CCI-Huronia’s Trade Directory.
  • Enhance your professional presence within a growing marketplace through article and speaking opportunities.
  • Build contacts with other condominium professionals for future business developments.


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