Fall 2016 Issue

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President’s Message

I hope you have enjoyed the beauty of the lovely Autumn here in Huronia.  At CCI Huronia, we have had a busy Fall to say the least!  Our chapter held our annual Tradeshow, Conference and AGM on September 16th,  2016 at Liberty North.   We thank our numerous sponsors and exhibitors.  CCI Huronia could not host such a productive conference and tradeshow without you. Read more.

Planning Your Human Rights Defense Strategy

The first question one may ask is why do you need to develop a Human Rights Defence Strategy.  The answer is simple.  The instances of requests for accommodation under the Human Rights Code is rising.  At some point in time you are likely to face a situation where an owner or occupant of a unit makes a request for accommodation  under the Human Rights Code.  Read more.

Thank You Sponsors

Thank You Exhibitors

 Board Shorts # 5

One of the first lessons to remember (once you are on the Board) is that you will soon find yourself short: short of time, short of money and short of people — not necessarily in that order. Read more.

Aging In Place

Condominium corporations in Ontario, like many other sectors and industries, have turned their attention to aging demographics. According to the Ontario Ministry of Finance’s Population Projections Update for 2015 to 2041, “the number of seniors aged 65 and over is projected to more than double from 2.2 million, or 16.0 per cent of population, in 2015 to over 4.5 million, or 25.3 per cent, by 2041.” This demographic trend is something that many condominium corporations are seeking to plan and prepare for. Read more.