President's Message

President’s Message

I hope you have enjoyed the beauty of the lovely Autumn here in Huronia.  At CCI Huronia, we have had a busy Fall to say the least!  Our chapter held our annual Tradeshow, Conference and AGM on September 16th,  2016 at Liberty North.   We thank our numerous sponsors and exhibitors.  CCI Huronia could not host such a productive conference and tradeshow without you.  Thank you to our educators!  We appreciate all of you taking the time out of your busy schedules to speak to our chapter members and sharing your wisdom. We thank you for your generosity of time and for raising the bar.

In this issue, we have provided highlights of the 2016 Tradeshow, Conference and AGM.  In addition we have valuable tips on how to manage human rights defences, how to effectively manage aging in place and how to facilitate the running your board.

In addition, CCI Huronia also hosted representatives of CCI from across the country at the semi-annual CCI National Leaders Forum in October.  From the opening reception in Blue Mountain to the closing panel on Insurance issues from across the country on the Saturday morning, CCI Chapter leaders and members from B.C. to Newfoundland explored and analyzed condominium issues in our various provinces.  Needless to say the condominium industry is a booming economic engine across the country and with it brings new economic dynamics and challenges which should be addressed with a variety of perspectives in mind.  The National Leaders Forum allowed members of CCI to share expertise and generate ideas on how to address the many similar issues and challenges being faced by directors of condominiums across the country.

Looking forward, we hope the regulations under Bill 106 will be released in draft.  We have been promised that the same will be done this month so we shall see what the regulations hold.  The reality is that the “devil is in the detail” of the regulations. We will keep you posted and as soon as we know, you will know.

Please look for our upcoming schedule of events for 2017 will be circulated shortly.  All the best,


Patricia Elia


CCI Huronia