Spring 2016 Issue

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President’s Message

Condominiums are our passion at CCI Huronia.  In my opinion, knowledge is power.  The more our directors understand the better stewardship they can bring to their communities and thereby fulfill their statutory obligations as directors.   Read More.

Director's Course Overview

CCI-Huronia held their annual Spring Director's Course in early April and it was their best attended event ever.  Many participants spoke very positively about this course.  If you are a condo Director, or even an owner, you should definitely consider taking one of these courses in order to make yourself more aware of how condo corporations work and the issues with which they deal.  Should you be contemplating becoming a Director sometime in the future, this would definitely help you get a head start on being an effective team member. Read More.

CCI Hurnia Town Hall

At our CCI Director’s Course, we had a Town Hall which allowed people to pose questions on their mind as directors.  Our panel of Debbie Dale of Muskoka Condo Services, Kristeen Shannon of Bayshore Property Management, Richard Murray, a Condo Director (Town House and Multistorey) and Peter Walpole, a Condo Director (Multistorey) of  gave the audience practical and experienced reflection with the help of our moderator Sonja Hodis.  Here is an excerpt of some of the questions asked and the answers provided:  Read More.