President's Message

Dear Members,

Condominiums are our passion at CCI Huronia.  In my opinion, knowledge is power.  The more our directors understand the better stewardship they can bring to their communities and thereby fulfill their statutory obligations as directors. 

CCI Huronia’s 2016 Spring Directors Course was well attended (record attendance by the way).  The course covered fundamental topics and I feel served to enhance the skills that go into stewarding your condominium corporations.  I wanted to thank all of our speakers who generously give of their time to speak to our membership.  We could not do what we do without them.  I am impressed by how many directors take the time on a Saturday and Sunday to bring their focus and energy to condominium education.  Our Town Hall discussion with directors and property managers went exceptionally well and we are sure to repeat this platform to allow for the sharing of real and practical experiences.   Further, discussions on borrowing were informative on how the process really works.  I also want to thank the members of the board of directors who dedicated their time and energy to putting this successful educational event together.

The balance of our calendar is filled with other great educational opportunities and the opportunity to network.  I cannot quantify the value of having directors and industry professionals share their stories.  Networking allows us to understand that we as directors are not alone in our challenges, there is a safe space in which to brainstorm ideas and get feedback on how to tackle challenges and share our successes.  We look forward to meeting with you to talk about condominiums.  In the near future, please check our the calendar on the CCI Huronia Website


Patricia Elia, CCI Huronia Chapter President