DID YOU KNOW... that City Council for Barrie has approved municipal provision of a Front End Bin Service?


According to Ms. Quinn, a Waste Reduction Coordinator with the City of Barrie, Council for the City of Barrie has approved a Multi-Residential Front End Bin Garbage collection service (Motion 15-G-233) which is to be phased in starting in 2017. Properties must meet the mandatory requirements in order to be eligible for this service.

If a multi-residential property is deemed eligible, properties that are currently being serviced under a private garbage collection contract could be eligible for municipally provided waste collection services, thereby reducing added waste removal fees. Some of the requirements include:

1. Mandatory participation in the municipal organics program

2. Mandatory participation in the municipal recycling program

3. Compliance with a two (2) bags of garbage/unit/every other week as specified through an approved bin size  (to create parody with single-family residential garbage limits)

Currently the Zoning by-law requires that all multi-residential properties contain their waste inside a planning-approved waste enclosure or enclosed garbage facility. Recent site visits conducted by City staff indicate that a majority of multi-residential properties do not meet this requirement.

These properties will still be phased on to a municipally provided Front End Garbage Service provided they meet the mandatory requirements and that they are willing to work with City Planning staff over the next few years to ensure compliance with the Zoning By-law.

Thank you to Ms. Quinn for her time and knowledge.  We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of this program, together with the Organic Waste Collection Program in Huronia.

Biographical Information:

Lindsay has a Diploma in Environmental Technology from Georgian College and is currently completing her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Practice through Royal Roads University. You can get in touch with Ms. Quinn using the following information:

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