Winter 2017

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President's Message

Happy New Year and all the best for 2017.  We embark on another year of change and growth in CCI Huronia with an objective of providing more creative solutions and opportunities for director education, more initiatives on government relations and keeping the community apprised of developments of the condominium industry that impact communities in Huronia. Read more.


Win for Condos in Barrie

Most people do not believe in “win-win” solutions and I admit I can be skeptical.  However, within the context of condominiums and waste diversion, I think the City of Barrie has found a win-win.  As many of you know, throughout Ontario, condominium owners pay for garbage pickup via their municipal taxes and then pay for the same via their condominium fees (a “double hit”).  CCI has been bringing awareness to this issue for condominiums throughout Ontario and asking for change. Read more.


Board Shorts

Short of having your adult child’s family move back in with you, condo ownership may be one of the ultimate examples of shared living.

Some things are best never shared: a toothbrush, personal space, confidences … Others are best shared: experiences, hugs, memories … And condo living can sometimes be a mix of positive and negative shares. You have close neighbors. You certainly don’t want to share their noise or disturbances. But you do welcome the sense of ‘community’ that condo living can give. Read more.


CCI Huronia Introductory Course Success

On January 29th, 2017, CCI Huronia hosted our first Introductory Course.  We had a great turnout on a snowy Huronia evening at the Ferndale Banquet Hall.  We covered quite a range of introductory topics  in two hours thanks to the expertise and giving of time by our board members. Read more.