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Condominiums are the fastest-growing home unit in a flourishing real estate market.

This boom – combined with the aging of many condominium properties, the changes in government legislation plus the ever-increasing pace of change in technology and communications – all spell out the enhanced need for trade and professional suppliers to connect with condominium managers and directors.

CCI provides growth opportunities for the professionals and trades who service the condominium market … and we look forward to welcoming you as a CCI member!

Tap into the Thriving Condominium Market...

Don’t miss your opportunity to increase business, receive greater recognition and more referrals to help you reach your goals. CCI represents over a half of a million highrise and townhouse condominium unit owners!

Cost effective CCI Membership offers:

  • Increase your business recognition and stature by qualifying to obtain the ACCI professional designation (Associate of Canadian Condominium Institute). This designation, available to professional members assures others, that you have extensive experience in servicing condominiums and have been successfully examined by CCI.
  • Expand your business profile among the “who’s who” of the condominium industry.
  • Create your own competitive advantage … maximize your economic potential as a professional service or trade supplier.
  • CCI’s Legislative and Government Relations Committees work with various levels of governments to produce legislation that protects and enhances the lifestyle of directors and condominium homeowners.
  • CCI’s seminars and courses present excellent networking opportunities.
  • Increase your exposure at one of the many regional CCI annual conferences and trade shows.
  • Share information and profit from the experience of other suppliers … including professionals from the area of condominium law, property management, accounting, engineering, real estate and insurance.
  • Become a valuable industry resource by authoring articles in CCI’s newsletters and instructing CCI courses.